Donna Vander Poel

 President of SIS

S.I.S., Sisters In Service, consists of all ladies who are members of the church. Our goal is to serve the church. We eagerly welcome guests.  There are several standing committees that ensure that everything runs smoothly:

The Altar Guild is responsible for altar appointments, including seasonal paraments, organizing work groups, and making sure everything is prepared for worship and Holy Communion. These needs change according to the church calendar.  Communion preparation and supplies such as wine, bread, candles and new cloths are handled by the Altar Guild.

The flower committee schedules volunteers to place flowers on the altar every Sunday, and special arrangements for the church holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and CHRISTmas.

The Son Shine committtee remembers the sick with cards, calls, flowers, and visits.

The Cradle Roll sends devotional material to infants until they reach Sunday School age. We are currently excitedly awaiting the arrival of three new babies who will become Cradle Roll Candidates.

The Prayer Chain coordinates special requests for prayers by phone or e-mail.

The Food Pantry organizes what we have, and alerts us to what is needed, taking into consideration those who are ill, new mothers, and Thanksgiving.

We also support the Alameda Pregnancy Center and the needs of fellowship functions at our church. We organize spiritual and fellowship events for the entire church body.

S.I.S. meets quarterly to discuss current and upcoming events.  We operate under a constitution that is in compliance with the church constitution, and we hold membership with L.W.M.S., Lutheran Women's Missionary Society. We pay a membership fee and annually submit Mite box collections to help support mission projects.

Come join us in serving our church and our Lord!